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"I want us to make each other better."

- Conversation with self

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Open the flood gates• Sol Dialogue

"I think you’re just so lost and confused with yourself; and fearful. So much so that you’ve completely stopped trying. You have completely stopped trying•

Now that you understand your awareness of that, know that it is so simple: understand what you would like to go after for yourself. And then, leap into it with open mind & heart. Go into it with the best intentions, the strongest hopes, and the purest form of self love. Greet the stumbles and continue your journey, humbly. This is your set up to trust ‘the way’. Your way. I love you”

(Thoughts to self)

i.e.- “Your spirit is forever. It is untouchable by all, if you will it to be. It is already crafted in its origin of perpetual state. Accessible only by you. Yours choices. Your decisions.

This is power; inner truth”

(Opening the flood gate• sol conversing)

"The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body - to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes."

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"Those whom the gods love grow young."

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"i love listening. it’s one of the only spaces where you can be still and moved at the same time."

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